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Who we are

  We have been called BALANCE for a long time. In 1990, under this name, attached at that time to the name of the founder and owner of the company until now, we started making business in the field of construction maintenance, by means of climbing technique as it was called at that time and industrial climbing as it is called today. In part, the company’s focus was defined by a strong bond to the climbing technique and the field of expertise which has maintained a non-industrial ethos for a relatively long time. From the beginning, we have focused on ensuring that the work we are going to perform have also an obvious added value and ,in addition to the usual quantity and quality parameters, brings also joy. In the enthusiastic activity of the first years of freedom we carried out, for example, the maintenance of the beautiful Art Nouveau building of the Živnostenská Bank at Na Příkopech St, the Čedok building at Na Příkopech St., repair of the Intercontinental Hotel facade, repair of the Sugar Palace at the Senovážné Square, IPB at that time, maintenance of the National Museum building facade, repair of the State Opera facade. We have carried out the first experimental replacement of large format glass of the target wall of the National Theatre’s New Stage. Repair of the front façade of the State Securities Printer. The maintenance of steel structures has gradually begun to be our domain. The frequently very poor of beautiful, old, many times riveted steel structures were a challenge for us. Our implementation first fruit comes from this period of time: OK repairs of glassed ceilings over the Živnostenská Bank exchange office, OK maintenance of the fenestration over the main staircase and Pantheon at the National Museum as well as restoration of coatings of 110 kv distribution point at the Štěchovice hydroelectric plant and overall restoration of coatings of the Cukrák transmitter. In 1993, we have also applied for a tender to repair the coating of the Eiffel tower in Paris. Unfortunately, or thanks God, we did not succeed in this tender. At any rate, due to our activity we got the possibility to see how similar works take place in Western Europe. The then director of the Eiffel Tour has allowed us to visit the construction as visitors. Over time, we have expanded our work to include implementation of roof and peripheral cladding of buildings and own project solutions of constructions, in particular steel structures and constructions’ exteriors. We have been engaged in these specific construction activities until now. Our customer portfolio, staffing and experiences in the field of expertise have gradually also expanded.